TCDE has enjoyed the honor of working with internationally acclaimed choreographers. In keeping with its mission to present extraordinary works performed by young dancers, these partnerships are intrinsic toward providing our dancers with challenging opportunities. All commissioned works are made possible by the generous support of our sponsors and individual donations.

Claire Bataille (Chicago): Tchokola 1992, Follow Me 1996

Jodie Black Brown (Ensemble Alumna): Something Greater 1999, Bequest 2008, A New Day 2013, Selah 2015

Ze’eva Cohen (New York): Sharing the Water 1998, I Never Saw Another Butterfly 2001

Mindy Congleton (Nashville): Brainstorm 1994

Rebecca Serrell Cyr (New York): At the Limelight 1997, Legacy 1999, Northstar 2015

Randy Duncan (Chicago): Save the Children 1999, Inside Your Heart 2000, Spiritual Ties 2003, Old Rugged Cross 2004, Time After Time 2005, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down 2007, Journey 2008, Adroit 2008, Let it Be 2011, Stand By Me 2012, Disrupted 2014

Karen Nunley Duren (Ensemble Alumnae): Sunday Side Up 1993, Periphery 1997

Karen Nunley Duren, Jodie Shelburne and Tisa Meighan (Ensemble Alumnae): Sisters 1996

Karen Nunley Duren and Amy Renee Wilson (Ensemble Alumnae): Heartland Suite 2008

Nicole Durfee and Amy Renee Wilson (Ensemble Alumnae): For You My Teacher 2004

Mercedes Ellington (New York): The Butler Did It 2003

Shauna Goddard (Chicago): City Walk 1991

Kimiko Gunji (Japan): Traditional Japanese Dances 1986

Faith Fisher Halpern (Ensemble Alumna): We of the Willows 1993

Susan Holden (Knoxville): Susan’s Dance 1984

Lyndsey Karr (Ensemble Alumna): Insight 2000

Regina Klenjoski (Los Angeles):  It feels like Pitch Black 2008

Joan Kunsch (Connecticut): Uvavnuk 2012, Spanish Interlude 2012, Tennessee Tarantella 2013

Michael Mao (New York): Song of Helena 1995

Courtney Massey Kohlhepp (Ensemble Alumnae): Now Arriving 2004, Reflection of God 2005, You Choose 2007, 1,2,3 Cuatro 2008, Let It Go 2009, Shhhhh… 2010, Lights Out 2014

Gabriel Otevrel (Bristol): Angst 2005

Lenette Perra (Knoxville): Vivaldi 2000, Joy Ballet 2002, Sunspots 2005, For a Lady Called Kim 2006, Zapato Presto 2007, Spirit of the Land 2008

Lenette Perra and Irena Linn (Artistic Director): Rossini x 4 2003

Eleo Pomare (New York): Birds Gotta Fly 1991

Peter Pucci (New York): Foday 1995

Master Chan Pui and Sifu Leroy Kautz Sr: Focus/Fusion 2004 (staged by Amy Renee Wilson)

Casey Sams (Knoxville): Oblations 2012

Amy Renee Wilson (Associate Artistic Director): What About Us 2012

Amy Renee Wilson, Rebecca Serrell Cyr and Elizabeth Serrell (Ensemble Alumnae): Forward Motion 2000

Karla Wolfangle (New York): Blue Feet 1997

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