Irena Linn

Artistic Director


Ms. Linn was 19 and a student of dance legend Mary Wigman when she met Dorothy Floyd in Berlin, Germany. That alliance was the beginning of a lifelong friendship that would bring Ms. Linn to America and to Dancers Studio — and ultimately to the Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble. “In 1966 I left the Boston Conservatory where I was teaching modern dance because Dorothy Floyd offered me the chance to assist her at Dancers Studio. From the beginning I knew there was a special idealism in her. I wanted to be a part of her dream of teaching children using the art form of modern dance.” Ms. Linn, an accomplished choreographer, has set dozens of dances on the Ensemble, including Ballet for Modern Dancers, Freedom, Village Waltz, Mountain Songs, Gliding, The Morley Clowns, and Nightdreams.



Amy ReneE Wilson

Associate artistic Director
Choreographer in Residence

As a TCDE alumna (1985-1993), Ms. Wilson toured five countries with the Ensemble and is now the Associate Artistic Director. She attended Florida State University where she majored in dance. In addition to teaching modern dance classes at Dancers Studio, Ms. Wilson has taught in Knoxville’s Arts Magnet schools and at the University of Tennessee. She now heads the TCDE community outreach program at home as well as on tour. Her popular choreographic works include Focus, Forward Motion, Jig, Underground, Caught, Shadows of the Mind, Off the Hook, and Heartburn.


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